There you are lying in bed. And there she is, lying next to you. You just finished having sex with a girl you've been dating (or you've just met), and your mind is filling with these questions:

Did she come? Did she enjoy it? Was I good? Did I hold out long enough? Does she want to do this again? Does she expect me to cuddle her? Should I get up? Should I go to the bathroom? Should I leave?
Or, (if she's at your place) does she want to leave?

When you first start having sex with a new woman, you really want to avoid awkward moments after sex because, well, it's awkward. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. You just don't know this person very well. Maybe you've known her for a day, a week or a month.

But time doesn't make any difference because when you start having sex with somebody, it's going to be awkward. You don't even know each other.

Even if you're experienced with other people, you don't really know what to do, you don't know what she likes and you certainly don't know if she was satisfied. You can't pick up on all the intimate signals yet.

Now, the worst thing to do after sex is to look at a woman when it's over and ask, "Did you come?" That makes her feel like you're not in tune with her at all, and she wants to be in tune with you not only sexually but also emotionally and mentally.

If you are about to become a father for the first time, this is what you need to know before you get into the overwhelming experience of child birth.

Be prepared

Nobody warns you, but the average labor for first time mothers lasts from 15 to 16 hours.
You could spend that time reading hospital pamphlets about dilations and middle ear problems, or you could dip into your carefully packed bag games and other light distractions.

You will be amazed at how a simple game can

Long distance relationships can be tiring and actually stressful but when the one you love is miles away, you have no option but accept the situation.

It requires a lot of commitment, trust and communication to make it work. Studies show that the majority of people involved in long distance relationships eventually breakup.

But with determination the two of you can make it work.


Make sure the both of you bridge the gap of proximity through the different types of communication. The internet is the commonest means of communication that most couples in long distance relationships use.

Send each other emails every day, tell each other how your day was and how much you miss each other, it makes a difference. You also take advantage of the free or cheaper Internet services like Skype where you can video chat with your loved one .

This will help you feel closer even though you're so far away from each other.