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Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

African print has different names based on where it is from (East or West Africa) like Ankara fashion print that is popular in the west or Kitenges/Chitenjes/ Kikoy/Kangas popular in the East.

It doesn’t really matter where the print originates from but the flair the print adds to your fashion sense. Either you wrap it around your chest or waist, a headscarf, baby sling, dress or shirt, rest assured you will look outstanding.

Best part is that this print can be customized or tailor-made to any style or shape your mind can imagine or skillful tailor can conform it to.

Different Uses of the African Fabric;

  • They are used as a sling to hold a baby across the back of a mother. They can hold the baby at the front as well, particularly when breast feeding.
  • Given as gifts to young women.
  • Decorative pieces at dinner tables.
  • Can be is wrapped around the bathing suit for modesty or to shield cold air.
  • Framed or hung up on the wall as a decorative batik artwork.
  • Incorporated in clothing items such as hoodies, trousers, and accessories such as bags.
  • In Malawi, Chitenjes are customary for women at funerals.