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Glow Every Single Day


Looking good is a confidence booster and it is also another way of relaxing. So, enjoy these seven beauty tips throughout the week;

Pamper those nails

A manicure or pedicure is a lovely way of taking care of your nails. Give your nails a punch of style by wearing nail colour that is deep; like the dramatic deep red. Dark shades are also an option to pull off.

Give them a soak

Maintain sponges and brushes you use to apply your makeup clean. Once or twice, wash them to unclog the germs they could have. Ensure that the brushes and sponges dry properly before the next use.

Scrub off that dirt

For a clear complexion, rid your face of facial grime and dirt by using a scrub twice a week. It is best to scrub after a soak in the bath when the skin is supple. Use gentle out-ward circular movements, avoiding the eye area.

Go for a massage

The massage is a language that communicates relief to the body system. You can enjoy a do-it-yourself fingertip massage on the face to stimulate blood circulation and ease stress.

Give hair a treat

Does your hair dry out so fast? Try a deep-penetrating hair treatment at least once a week. It will nourish your hair by adding moisture to get that healthy look.

Water yourself

Rid your body of toxins by eating fresh fruits and drinking a lot of water.

Spice Up Your Verandah


It may look like just another verandah, but, a covered porch can be much more than the small space in front of your door. Not just the place where you and your visitors leave your shoes. Make it a place to come out on moonlit nights to do an occasional supper.

Make it a comfortable scene of indoor games like ludo, chess, etc. accessorize with a checkered table top that is a table as well as a chess/draughts board.

Accessorize with comfy wicker chairs spruced up with colorful cushions and throws if it is walled in on at least two sides, either by a half wall or full wall.
Potted plants and creepers look exaggerated and alive. Fragrant plants like some herbs (rosemary, lemon grass) improve the ambience. They also can be used for cooking and herbal medicine.

Tall plants and potted trees shade areas that are exposed to too much sun. They also have a peaceful rustling sound when the wind blows through their leaves. Plant climbers on columns and pillars can wind their way upward and give a Mediterranean look to the verandah. Hanging baskets with creeping plants and flowers that fall over on both sides make a dreamy addition.

If there is room enough, include a hammock for relaxing on lazy afternoons or a children’s or adult swing that hangs from the ceiling.

You can also decide to decorate your verandah in a particular theme of décor. For instance, a corner can have a Japanese theme.

Use very short but long tables with square cushions for sitting cross legged. To enhance the theme, one can screen off the area using a wooden or rice paper screen painted with typical oriental art.

Do not let your verandah just sit there. It can be a very exciting experience in ambience and interior décor. Make it a place where you can sit and relax during your free time.

Why You Need to Change Career


Are you fed up with juggling the same job every day? Do you dread going to work? Have you lost motivation for the job you previously did with passion? The fact is that there is nothing wrong with you, but with you. What you need is a career change.

George Apiro, the head of guidance and counseling at the Ministry of Education, however, says career change requires a number of strategies and decisions to take. “Career change doesn’t enable you to utilize your potential to another where you can utilize it fully,” he says. “This career should be able to respond to your inner most attitude, interest and social inclinations.”

Moving from one career to another is not a one-night decision. You need to carry out a lot of research in the new area you want to tread, and looking at who you are to re-discover yourself and interests. It involves looking at what you generally like and do not like, experts say.
According to Obed Niwagaba, a consultant at Development Planning Consultants, a career change may require re-training. “When you discover that you have potential for a particular calling and you want to change to it, you have to develop potential fully by training in that area,” he says.

Do you want to change your career but don’t know what to do? Don’t be discouraged. Niwagaba advises that apart from doing proper research, one must always have ‘plan B’ in case things don’t work out as hoped.

Explore new opportunities within your area of competence and expertise. A career guidance counsel can help you navigate the right field basing on your talents and interests. Besides, one can utilize the skills and experiences they have already gained. Apiro says there is always linkage to what one wants to do and what one has been doing.

“People, who change careers, do not move far away from the general category of what they have been doing. For instance a teacher of accounts can move to commerce, but accounting still remains a key area in his life. Though he may leave teaching, he might work in a bank as a cashier while practicing his accounting”.

However, sometimes people move from a broad career category to a completely new area, says Apiro. “This is often due to a blunder made at school. May be your career choice was interfered with by the interests of your peers, friends and teachers or family members.” To make a good career change in such a case, one needs to make choices considering his or her interests and capabilities.
Why people change careers.

Many people change careers when they find that their jobs have become routine. Some people want to find challenging opportunities. “Human beings are always looking for a challenge. That is when they are motivated to work harder.”
Niwagaba says that sometimes people change careers due to circumstances. “Forinstance, my original career was teaching. I had no intention of changing, but circumstances dictated that I change swiftly,” he says.
“I was a grade 2 teacher and the Ministry of Education announced that it was going to phase out grade 2 teachers. I decided to join secondary education to advance. As I was teaching, I had to study ordinary and advanced levels. Fortunately, I passed well and joined Makerere University where I studied SWASA. Thereafter, I had to change from being a teacher to an administrator.

Do a careful self-evaluation before you change your career as you might find yourself jumping from a pan into the fire. You should also avoid changing career due to your emotions. Apiro argues that when one changes their career due to emotions, they may end up being frustrated and hence, regret the career move. However, all hope should not be lost, in case things go wrong, you can revert to your former career.

Why You Need to Stay Away from Alcohol

Ugandan Nightlife

Since for some people there can’t be a celebration without alcohol, it helps to know the dangers and steer clear of trouble or even death.

Dangerous Gin

Throughout the past years, alcohol has claimed more lives in Uganda than it has anywhere else. Apart from those who developed diseases out of too much alcohol consumption, dangerous local gins killed hundreds of people.

The gins packaged mainly in sachets killed a large number of people in Kampala, Mpigi and Entebbe, prompting the ministry then, to ban local gin packed in sachets. In Gulu, some people went blind after they allegedly consumed the waragi.

So, avoid the temptation to drink anything you are not sure is safe. Who knows some unscrupulous people could have hoarded the dangerous gin only to distribute it to unsuspecting people.

Old habits die hard

Over the weekend, people who quit bad habits tend to relapse. Former alcoholics are at the biggest risk. Whether you are sure you can never touch the bottle again, or not, it helps to completely avoid any situation that could tempt you to taste alcohol again. Face it, some people were just not meant to be alcohol consumers.

If you are the type that can’t handle your liquor, stay away from it.

Drink driving

This is an old song to many ears, but many accidents, including fatalities happen, are a result of driving under the influence of alcohol. At the risk of sounding like a traffic police, the call is to everybody to avoid driving when drunk. If you fail to get a sober person to drive you around, drink from home.


Increased violence levels during the night are usually blamed on alcohol. If you know that one pint works you into a rage, then leave the bottle alone. You don’t want to wake up from your drunken stupor only to realize that you hurt or killed someone.


For those who want to keep a healthy weight, alcohol is not such a good drink to have. According research, alcohol is mainly just a source of empty calories. Meaning it has no nutritive value other than providing energy. People who are overweight actually gain weight more easily when they drink alcohol. And calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the gut. If you want six-pack abs like Golola’s, you will need to cut down on the booze

Those who pride themselves in consuming only non-alcoholic beer, the drink actually has the same calories as alcoholic beer. The calories in alcohol are metabolized first by the body, ahead of burning fat, which is not desirable if one is on a weight loss diet.

Things to Avoid to Look Right

Total Uganda Fuel Card

Let’s be honest: when we look good, we feel good (and vice versa). The desire to want to look good every day is by no means shallow. If we don’t feel good about how we look, we may not be able to act as our best selves. Today I’m sharing my top tips for how to always look good – without going over budget.

But before we dive into how to look beautiful everyday, let’s discuss if it’s actually important first!

  • Peeping bra straps crash your look. Some women are so busy that they don’t replenish their underwear. It is pathetic for you to wear a bra that has long lost its elasticity.
  • When going for low cut outfits, make sure your breasts are not spilling over. If half of the breast is overflowing, look for something that fits, otherwise, you risk stepping out topless.
  • Trousers that are so tight that they curve out your precious parts in a triangular shape for the world to see don’t favor your look at all. Leave a little bit of mystery to your dress with the way you dress.
  • You will be shocked at what people wear underneath their clothes. A panty with holes has no place in your wardrobe or on your body. Wear clean and neat underwear.
  • When choosing a handbag, do not opt for very small ones if you are a plus size lady. You risk looking like the elephant and it’s tail. Choose a handbag that is proportional to your body size.
  • Skirts should not fold in layers around your hips. Buy something in an appropriate size that drapes properly against your hips and step out in style.
  • Wear blouses that fit. Avoid those that gape and show off your undergarments.

Car rental Safety Tips for Uganda Visitors

Self Drive in Uganda

Car rental agencies emphasize the safety of its client and this has enabled them to keep in business for this long. Car rental Uganda extends travel services to anyone in need of reaching different destinations such as national parks, upcountry, city tour rounds, hangouts and other personal travel.

A safe car must be in good mechanical condition and should appeal to the car hirer’s taste. Away from car safety, the environment of travelling must also be secure and conducive. Additionally, the clients should take matters of their safety into their hands by being vigilant and exercising precautionary measures.

Below are some of the car rental safety tips:

Follow the road rules and signs

It doesn’t cost anything if you follow the road rules and regulations to avoid any disturbances from the traffic police. These guys keep alongside every corner of the road to ensure that road rules and signs are followed. Failure to do so, penalties will be imposed on you and the car will be impounded. The traffic personnel should not be looked at as real enemies but as humans who can even engage in chit-chat. So if you need help concerning directions, they are ready to help and in case of some issues please cooperate to avoid worsening the situation.

 Don’t drink and drive

One’s mind gets high after taking some bottles of alcohol and this creates some exciting moments but rather paves way for sorrow in the end. Enjoyment is part of life but life also matters so it’s better to drink little and live longer. The worst thing is to drink and drive and the outcomes might be ending other people’s lives and crashing the vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not a misdemeanour in Uganda and it’s proscribed since it causes harm to yourself and other road users. Put in mind that the car will be impounded and you will be taken into custody if caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and please stay far away from it if you are to drive.

Insurance coverage

All our cars are under insurance coverage for example comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance is to cover any kind of damage that happens to the car. But in case the damages are caused by reckless driving, the insurance company doesn’t compensate for the costs. If a minor accident happens to the car, a client has to compensate a certain amount according to the signed company terms and conditions. If a car incurs a minor accident on the way you can call the rental operator and inform them rather than acting fast on your own to clear the mess.

Check out the car’s mechanical condition

The client’s safety is the company’s best priority and we look forward to accomplishing it without failure. The car is checked thoroughly to ensure it’s under proper mechanical condition. It is taken for road testing, refilled air conditioner, car tyres checked, check the fluid and oil levels to ensure that it’s ready to hit the road. The car mechanism customizes its travel and this increases the traveller’s success rate throughout his or her journey. While on the journey the unexpected can occur but this should not frighten you, keep calm to find a solution for the car breakdown then continue with the trip.

A Journey to Karamoja


I arrived at the Bus Park at exactly 6:00am and the action was already on; touts courting passengers. One sought me out shouting, “Mbarara?” I nodded no and he continued, “Kabale?” Still no. Another guessed, “Fort Portal?” This time I responded “Kotido”. As if it was a joke, he cut in, “Soroti.”

“Kotido via Nakapiripirit,” I insisted. He took one look at me, wondering whether I knew what I was talking about. Not with the dreadlocks, headphones, jeans, boots and knapsack. Reluctantly, he took my hand and led me away. After delivering me safely to the bus stop, he said, “Okay wait here. But mama, nga you come from far!”

After 30 minutes of waiting, the bus arrived and we boarded. Almost everyone in the bus spoke English, occasionally spicing it with the local language. By eavesdropping on my neighbour’s conversation, I was able to learn a few things about the unfamiliar place I was headed for.

At 7:00am, we sped off in an almost empty bus, which eventually filled up along the way. I soon realized that my guide in Kampala had given me katwa (wrong information). First, she made me wait in the cold for a bus that leaves at 7:00am. Then she assured me that the journey was only five hours! Well, we reached Mbale, a few minutes after 11:00am, and I was sure Nakapiripirit was not just two hours away.

After 30 minutes at the bus park, we were on our way through Sironko’s smooth tarmac road, and wow! The locals really make full use of the resources. The tarmac doubles as a drying rack for grain food like maize, beans and sorghum. It’s up to the driver to avoid it.

We rolled smoothly along the neat tarmac until reality slapped us in the face in the form of two huge billboards: one indicating the branch off to Kapchorwa and the other declaring: “End of Tarmac to Moroto.” Such unfairness! The branch off also served as a reminder that Karamoja was so near.

The terrain changed from plantation of bananas, maize, etc. to long grass and shrubs. The mountain ranges continued but it was different from the rain fed Elgon slopes. The wind also blew harshly. We soon encountered our first road block, mounted by soldiers from a nearby detach. Apparently, their duty is to patrol the high way and protect travellers from the marauding Karamajong ex-warriors.

Karamoja Wilderness

We were soon speeding through Pian Game Reserve, and past Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) offices. In the distance, we spotted some antelopes and ostriches standing in the long grass. The locals built their homes nest to these offices for security reasons. Their homes are fenced with wood while the gardens of greens, sorghum, and maize are fenced with thorns. The idea is to keep out stray animals such as leopards and antelopes.

Finally, we arrived in Nakapiripirit town, a few minutes past 4:00pm. The district headquarters are a stone throw away from the bus stop. I headed straight there to look for the District Information Officer. According to him, my arrival in the District was a good omen. The night before, it rained for the first time in a month.

I tried to make friends with the locals. It was a stubborn chap I met first. First, he denied having a first name claiming he was never baptised. Then, I had to milk him of his age and class which turned out to be 12 years and primary seven respectively. But first, I had to tell him my age and job. Then he opened up. For him, it’s a story for the survival for the fittest. His entire family was killed by Pokot warriors five years ago. Now, he is on his own, he sells water and runs errands for survival, and is tapping into the free education under the Universal Primary education programme. It’s him who eventually reveals to me why the Karamajong hate photographs. “Here, when your picture appears in the papers, and you are recognised, you are in trouble,” he says.

As I walked through the town, I noticed the unique dress code for the warriors. On top of their clothes, the men add a red/blue stripped suuka across the chest, plus other accessories like the Karamoja roadway sandals made out of car tyres, a stick or an illegal gun, an AM/FM radio set, a three legged wooden stool and a stick toothbrush. I later found out that they have to don this regalia if they are to command respect from their peers.
For the girls, the fashionable Ekapelo skirt has never left the scene. It is round, multi-coloured, with numerous pleats. It takes savings of shs 500-800 of milk sales every day to buy at least three skirts, each at shs 2,500. That skirt does magic as it swings and wiggles the wearer’s waist as she goes about her work.

One of my many tours took me to the municipality’s only primary school. The deputy headmaster took us through the school. I inquired about the kids who stayed home. “Here, children study at free will. You can’t force a parent to let their child come to school, not even to buy a school uniform. But we see the numbers increase at lunch time,” he said. Education is indeed voluntary here. School officially opens at 8:00am, but, by 9:00 or 10:00am, kids are taking porridge with their parents and some are seen playing by the roadside. Those who bother are carrying a log or two to school.

Gardening Guide to Growing Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes

Rose Kyeyune’s tomato plants were a foot tall, healthy, vigorous and ready to go into the ground.

But there was no ground left. Normally she would give them away to grateful friends, but these were greenhouse tomatoes, and at the time it was still way too cold to plant them outdoors.

Tomatoes already occupied much of her greenhouse space, and the extra bed she needed contained a crop of baby leaf cutting lettuce and a crop of radishes.

Rather than throw away the plants, she dug holes down the center of the bed and installed the tomatoes. They towered above the carpet of lettuce and radishes like trees above the forest floor.

Tomatoes are starving, thirsty plants that don’t like competition, but in this case they were too young to mind the radishes’ and lettuce’s small root systems. Furthermore, those crops were soon to be harvested, leaving the tomatoes free to ‘do their thing’.

Rose could also have sown those small, early crops in rows on either side of the tomatoes after they were planted. In fact the previously planted tomatoes had rows of head lettuces on either side, to be picked as soon as they were mature.

This cheek-by-jowl planting is called intercropping or inter-planting, and it’s a great trick to use when you’re short of space. The strategy in this case took advantage of the difference in maturity dates of the crops involved.

In another instance, it might rest on differences in plant structure. Rows of shallow-rooted onions might happily alternate with rows of tap rooted carrots, because they feed at different levels of the soil.

Rose explains that intercropping is like doubling your garden’s size. Next time you transplant brassicas such as Brussels sprouts, cabbages or kale into a bed, note how much extra room there is while the plants are small.

Any quick, leafy salad crop could occupy that empty area until the brassicas reach full size. A tall crop of corn or trellised beans could share ground with early leaf crops, which might even appreciate the shade they cast as days grow hotter.

Natives worked out intercropping long ago with the common “Three Sisters” system. A sturdy corn variety went in first, followed in a week or two by a circle of beans — a branching, shade-tolerant variety that used the cornstalks as beanpoles but did not drag them down.

A blanket of vining squash was allowed to cover the ground beneath, their big leaves suppressing weeds and helping the soil to stay moist.

The beans, thanks to the nodules on their roots that extract nitrogen from the air, contributed extra fertility for the other two crops, thus minimizing competition.

Together the sacred threesome yielded a diet rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and oil.

Such skilled agronomy inspires great respect from this farmer, whose goal was merely to find a home for leftover plants and have more tomatoes for canning.

How to Spend Less when Shopping

Shop for Less in Uganda

More than half of all grocery purchases are unplanned! No wonder creating and sticking to a list can bring down grocery costs.

But that’s not the only way to save money at the supermarket. Over the past two years, so many people have published a lot of tips for saving money on your grocery bill.

Some of these have been obvious, others less so. All of them can help you save at the supermarket. Here are some of the best:

Craft a list, and stick to it
This is the basic rule of shopping. The list stands for your grocery needs: the staples you are out of, and the food you need for upcoming meals. When you stray from the list, you are buying on impulse, and that’s how shopping trips get out of control.

Sure, a magazine only costs Shs 5000, but if you spend an extra Shs 5000 every time you make a trip to the supermarket, you waste a lot of money.

Evaluate unit pricing
The largest pack up is not always the most cost-effective. Shops know that consumers want to buy in bulk, and so they mix it up: sometimes the bulk item is cheaper, sometimes it’s more expensive.

The only way you can be sure is to take a calculator. Our super markets posts unit pricing for most items, which makes comparisons easy.

Ditch the basket or trolley:
If you are dashing into the supermarket to pick up milk and bread, don’t use a basket. Baskets induce people to buy more. If you’re limited to what you can carry, you’re more likely to avoid impulse purchases. Only use a basket (or shopping cart) if it’s absolutely necessary.

Do not scrutinize things you don’t need
The more you interact with something, the more likely you are to buy it. Virtually all unplanned purchases come as a result of the shopper seeing, touching, smelling, or tasting something that promises pleasure, if not total fulfillment.

Do you know why grocery stores place those displays in the aisles? They want to intentionally block traffic. They want to force you to stop, if only for a moment. It only takes a few seconds of idly staring at the cutlery to convince you to buy them. Stay focused.

Live on the edge
Health-conscious shoppers know that the perimeter of the store is where the good stuff is. The baked goods, dairy products, fresh meats, and fruits and vegetables are generally placed along the outside edge of the supermarket, while the processed stuff can be found up and down the aisles.

But shopping the edges isn’t just healthier, it’s cheaper too. Stock up on the fresh food first, and then venture to the middle of the store.

Thrust aside brand loyalties
Be willing to conduct experiment. You may have a favorite brand of cereal, for example, but does it really matter? Go with what is on sale for the lowest unit price.

You may find you like the less expensive product just as well. If you try a cheaper brand and are disappointed, it’s okay to return to your regular brand.

Choose generic
Better yet, try the store brand. Generic and store brand products are cheaper than their name-brand equivalents and are usually of similar quality. But do you know why you’re reluctant to try generics?

The power of marketing. Most generics have unappealing packaging. If they cost less and taste the same, who cares?

Make one large trip instead of several small ones.

Each time you enter the super market is another chance to spend. By reducing the frequency of your trips, you’re not only avoiding temptation, but you’re also saving money on overhead (time and fuel).

Buy from the bulk bins
Some stores offer bulk bins filled with baking ingredients, cereal, and spices. When you buy in bulk, you get just the amount you need, and you pay less, much less.

Check your receipt
Make sure your prices are scanned correctly. Sale items, especially, have a tendency to be in the computer wrong, and yet few people ever challenge the price at the register. You don’t need to hold up the line: simply watch the price of each item as it’s scanned.

If you suspect an error, step to the side and check the receipt as the cashier begins the next order. If there’s a problem, politely point it out. It’s your money. Ask for it.

Shop alone
In Why We Buy, the author notes that people tend to buy more when shopping in groups than when shopping alone. “But men are especially suggestible to the entreaties of children as well as eye-catching displays.”

People complain that they always spend more on food when they shop together. They are right. If possible, shop alone.

Shop on a full stomach
Studies show that persons who shop when they are hungry buy more. This is certainly true for me: If I go to the shop for milk on a Sunday morning without eating breakfast, I am likely to come home with donuts and orange juice and cookies, too.

Partying Your Life Away


Walking out of a popular night club in Kampala, my friends and I could not help but notice a young lady on top of a car, clearly drunk, dancing away with a beer bottle in her hand. She was having the time of her life shouting and screaming without a care in the world as a group of girls cheered her on.

As we headed to our next destination we wondered, could we Ugandan women be turning into wild party animals? But we were just out having a few drinks, nothing wild. It is all just a bit of fun, going out and having a good time but what happens when the fun gets out of hand?

Over the years we have heard numerous stories about Hollywood party girls like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Baines, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson constantly checking in and out of rehab as a result of their extremely wild party lifestyles. The stars of Hollywood are a world apart from us, but are our very own Ugandan women on this destructive trail?

Many women have confessed to being taken up by the party lifestyle to the extent where they feel that their lives have literally passed them by. Their peers of the same age are now married, have families, built careers and stable businesses, yet they are still at square all in the name of having fun.

“In any nightspot in Uganda, the ratio of women going out is higher than men. When we organize events, we are guaranteed that there are going to be some familiar female faces that seem to have access and information about almost every single party or event taking place,” said an events manager with Silk Events.

Dance in Uganda

But what does it really mean to be addicted to this lifestyle and simply going out once in a while. Denis Karungi, a psychology lecturer says, “The party lifestyle takes one up slowly and they feel that they want to be noticed and have a bit of fun. But the truth is that there is a big difference between being addicted to partying and going out once in a awhile or on weekends,”

Karungi emphasizes that nobody wakes up one morning and decides that they are going to become an addict. The energy rush that one gets from going out and enjoying themselves becomes like a drug, without it, she feels unable to function, if they miss a party, they feel it is the end of the world.

But, when do the alarm bells start ringing? James Onen aka Fat Boy, a radio presenter at Sanyu FM noted that the addiction to partying in women might be caused by a search for purpose that comes from a lack of self-esteem while others feel the need to remain relevant.

With every party, there is the alcohol, drugs and big spending. Nightlife in Uganda costs money and anyone wanting to have a good time needs to have quite a bit of it. The realties and dangers of binge drinking haunt Ugandan women. As many have confessed to drinking absurd amounts of alcohol with high alcoholic content. But that is not their only worry, drink driving, date rape and reckless behavior are all common with the party life.

Catherine (not real name) who was once a hard party girl recalls that she would drink large amounts of alcohol. She says that there were times when she even tried drugs with friends and she became a heavy smoker. Because of her lifestyle, her spending spiraled out of control and she was always often left with little or no money to live off.
Karungi explains that to fuel any addiction, one needs money and time. “This lifestyle needs a lot of money. There is always going to be a point when the money runs out and desperation sets in. the need to get money will lead one on a path that can be very destructive.”

Maintaining a steady job when one is out until the wee hours of the morning every night is virtually impossible. The vibrant night life in our society gives women options whether it is a cocktail party or an album launch for a popular artist, the parties are constantly flowing.

But the dangers that this life has on the health and well-being of women are more than devastating. According toYedidah Birbonwa, the principal of Butabika School of Psychiatric Nursing, Uganda has a serious problem with substance abuse whether it is alcohol or drugs. “The problem is affecting the mental health of many young people. There is need to warn people about the dangers of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. It is important to young people especially to know the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse as the risk of addiction is very high. Anyone who feels that they have a problem should seek help before the problem spirals out of control,” she said.

A book Binge Britain written by Moira Plant, says that many young women drink because it gives them a sense of power, and they will often see drinking and even hangovers as a ‘badge of honour’. The risks of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies are increased when women are drunk, people become very vulnerable when under the influence of alcohol and safe sex is not discussed.
Sophie, 26 years old recalls, “I was out all the time, there was no party that I was never at. For six years, I was trapped but my reality check came when I became pregnant and went to the hospital, only to be told I was HIV positive. At that point, all the partying and fun seemed to mean nothing. I had taken my life for granted and now I was losing it. My family had warned me, but, I never listened.”

Fat Boy believes that as time goes by there are some things that make one leave the party scene such as marriage, child-birth or family pressure. But not everyone is so lucky to just walk away without a scratch. This lifestyle has it’s dangers and once sucked in, it is very difficult to just walk away.

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