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Buganda Cultural Method of Cooking Oluwombo

Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Luwombo is one of the Ugandan cultural method of cooking introduced by Baganda clan in central region of Uganda. Baganda started using luwombo as their method of cooking way back in the late 1870’s after Buganda separated from Bunyoro kitara empire.

It is a combination of a piece banana leaf and a fiber. Banana leaf is the main part of Oluwombo and its fiber is used to tie it to make oluwombo. Still in the luwombo, there is also a piece of banana leaf called akawuuwo which keeps the flavour in the sauce
Oluwombo is mainly used to cook sauce in the central region, there are four main types of sauce used to be cooked in luwombo ie chicken, groundnuts, beef and mushroom. It is purposely found on traditional ceremonies like those in the palace of Buganda (Olubiri), introduction (okwanjula), visitations (okukyala), thanks giving and celebrating twins(okumala abalongo).

After preparing it, get a saucepan or a pot, wrap it separately or on food and start cooking. It takes one to two hours to get ready, local food like matooke, potatoes, cassava to mention a few, can be acompanied with it.

It is cultural and has very many uses in Buganda and their clans. Primarily it contains the nice flavour in it, you can not compare oluwombo with any other sauce. It also shows the prestige.

if you have never tasted luwombo yet, please take your time and look for it because its so delicious!.