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Feet and Nails

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Feet have to be taken care of. One way of doing this is by making certain that your nails are kept clean and neat. A pedicure, given by a professional is the answer. Avoid chipped nail polish with dirt composed underneath your nails. Plan a routine for suitable nail care and be sure to have a pedicure done twice a week. If you have in-growing nails that slash into your flesh, it is important to trim them in time.

Ideally, a proper pedicure begins with soaking in a foot spa for about 30 minutes. The procedure of soaking the feet softens the skin and eases the cutting of the nails. “When the skin is soft, it is easy to scrub. We also use a smoothener. Scrubbing the feet removes the dead skin, especially if the skin (or heel) is cracked.” says Hassan Kaggwa, a manicurist/pedicurist who operates from one of the salons in Majestic Plaza.

After cautiously removing the cuticle, the feet are then massaged, to boost blood circulation. After the massage, a lotion is applied to the feet and legs to moisturize them and keep the skin supple. The nails are then cut and filed into the client’s preferred shape. Most people usually cut their nails into flat or square shapes.

Eventually, a protector is applied to the nails first, followed by two coats of nail polish and lastly nail hardener (to give the nails sheen). When the nails dry, one is ready to put their perfect feet forward. A pedicure costs between shs15, 000 and shs20, 000 depending on where one has it done from.
It is important to remove the nail polish after a week; otherwise one’s nails may get discolored. One should seek garlic and calcium to keep their nails strong and healthy