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Get a flat tummy in 7 days

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Most shops are rammed with reveal-all fashion outfits that you want to wear but are afraid to try out because your tummy needs attention.

If you would to get a flat tummy fast, just follow our steps and banish your belly at a record speed.


Get fruity.
Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that aids digestion. If one regularly drinks pineapple juice, it speeds up their metabolism. So, switch from orange to pineapple juice in the morning.

Curb carbs.
Potatoes, wheat and other starchy carbs produce gas long after we have eaten them. Danish researchers found that dieters who ate more protein and less carbs lost 10% more belly fat than those who ate carbs alone.

So, swap carbs for protein. But that doesn’t mean you have to go the whole Atkins hog. Eat your normal amount and fill up on lean meat, fish and diary.

Drink up.
Most people have sworn by green tea for years and there is research from Japan to back them up.

Dieters lost four times more belly fat than other people eating the same number of calories when they included green tea in their diet.
So, swap your normal coffee or tea habit for the green stuff.

Slow down
Eating too quickly doesn’t give your body the chance to digest food. So you can miss the signals saying you have had enough and carry on after you are full.

Nutritionists urge one to chew thoroughly before they swallow and focus totally on enjoying every mouthful of food.


Bust your belly
Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Suck your stomach muscles in towards your belly button. Slowly, lift one leg and extend it so it’s straight, but hovering just above the floor.

Bend your knee and bring your leg towards your chest, hold for a few seconds and lower it to touch the start position (without letting it touch the floor). Repeat 15 times on each leg everyday.

Flex your muscles
Tense your tummy whenever you can, whether you are walking to work or clothes shopping. You will feel the benefits in days.

Walk and talk
Doctors compared two groups of people trying to shrink their waist lines. On group just dieted and the other exercised as well. Both lost the same weight but only the exercisers lost tummy fat.

Try walking three times a week for half an hour with a friend at a speed that leaves you slightly breathless.


Watch your water
Most of us have experienced pre-period bloat, and salty food has the same effect, sometimes causing us to retain as much as 3lbs of extra fluid.

If ditching salt makes your food too bland, add flavor by cooking with pepper, herbs, lemon and balsamic vinegar. Avoid takeaways and ready meals, and drink two to three litres of water each day.

Get hormone help
If you have a hormone imbalance, dieting might not work. Too much testosterone is bad news for your waistline because it encourages fat to be stored around your middle.

So, if your periods have changed recently or you have tried dieting and exercising and hit a brick wall, its time for a check-up with your GP.

Chill out
The most important rule of all, even if your tummy is not flat, is, do not stress about it. Stress accumulates the hormone cortisol around your body, which directs fat to your abs.

It is advised that you relax. What better excuse could there be for a Saturday afternoon trip to the movies? All in the name of good health, of course.