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How to boost your child’s development

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Taking an active role in your child’s life can make a huge difference in his/her future school performance and boost their confidence and self-esteem. Parents are socially obliged to give their children as many opportunities to be successful as possible. The easiest way to do this nurturing is by spending as much time as possible with your child. Parents need to be there to be as witnesses to their children’s lives. That means creating good times, but more importantly, it means being there when things are tough. It means being an active participant in your child’s everyday struggles.

Have your children engage in extracurricular activities. They are beneficial for children and teenagers equally. They help kids discover their physical, creative, and social prospective. They also allow kids to find out where their career or political interests may lie. Some activities, such as volunteer work, allow kids to experience how their time and effort benefits others in need.
These activities can teach your children real-world skills that encourage life-long interests because most encourage teamwork and leadership skills, responsibility and discipline. And also teach them how to multitask and micromanage as they manage the demands of school, friends, and family.

So, use your daily routine to enhance your child’s maturity. Routine activities are also useful because they help him know what to expect and what to be able to participate in. It would be very helpful if a parent showed their child that they loved them daily.
Read to your baby because it enhances early language development. Begin reading to the children when they are toddlers. You could read picture books and label the pictures them together. The more you read the more you expose them to language and enhance cognitive development.
Listen to your child and respond and hold meaningful conversations with them. This idea of that will increase your child’s communication skills. As they grow and learn more about the things in the around, they will keep asking questions like why plants are green or why roses are red which helps them add to their knowledge. Any parent should be prepared for this.
Encourage your child to try and do things alone. This does not mean that you let a 3year old cook a meal in the kitchen on her own .This involves asking her to get you something from the kitchen or pickup her toys after she plays. This would help her to grow into a self sufficient adult.

As a parent you should strive to be is good role model. The way parents act and react is how the children will learn to do the same .What we say or do will reflected in how we they will think about the world later in life. Therefore, being a good role model is essential in enhancing child development because children are the greatest imitators.