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How to make a long distance relationship work

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Long distance relationships can be tiring and actually stressful but when the one you love is miles away, you have no option but accept the situation.

It requires a lot of commitment, trust and communication to make it work. Studies show that the majority of people involved in long distance relationships eventually breakup.

But with determination the two of you can make it work.


Make sure the both of you bridge the gap of proximity through the different types of communication. The internet is the commonest means of communication that most couples in long distance relationships use.

Send each other emails every day, tell each other how your day was and how much you miss each other, it makes a difference. You also take advantage of the free or cheaper Internet services like Skype where you can video chat with your loved one.

This will help you feel closer even though you’re so far away from each other.


Always express your feelings to your partner on the phone, emails, letters and video chats you have with them. Let them know how life with them is lonely, how much they mean to you, how much you miss the silly games you used to play. This will enhance growth and stability in your relationship. This is because your partner is assured of your commitment.


Every now and then send each other personalized gifts because they mean a lot to your loved one .This means that you have them at heart even though they are so far away from you.

The more personalized the gift is, the greater the impact on your partner. They will also be very impressed with your thoughtfulness.


You can still spend time together even though you’re far away from each other. This can be done if you both create time for each other .For example if you both love football organise a day when you are both free and watch are match when it’s done call each other and discuss it, it

Will be a good shared moment for the both of you hence bridging the distance between the two of you.


Always ensure that you meet often to keep your commitment stronger. The two of you need to plan on visiting each other at leasst three times a year .
When you cancel meeting, it sends a negative impression to your partner meaning that your other plans are more important than the meetings with your partner.


The best thing about long distance relationships is the fact that you get to know your partners dislikes, likes and passions. If he likes football please make sure you learn all the rules of football so that the next time you meet you’re able to discuss it.

You should also find out passions you both share so your able to appreciate each other more