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Kasese District and its Tourism potential

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Kasese is one of the traditional districts of Uganda Known for its tourism potential and mineral rich industry.
Is it is always said that Uganda is gifted by nature Kasese district found in the greater Rwenzori sub region of western Uganda is the most gifted by nature with mineral riches, national parks, fishing activities and crater lakes unique people and a cultural institution whose identity is neither a tribe or culture.

Toursim Potential, for any tourist or visitor in Kasese district will feel the potential by visiting the Rwenzori Mountains national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Queen Elizabeth Protected Area (QUEPA),
These parks are equipped with climbing lines in Queen Elizabeth national park and green Chimps then three horned Chameleons in Rwenzori Mountains national park.

The water bodies, the area is also gifted with Lakes Edward and George which are separated by the Kazinga channel and for all visitors to the district from the western route on Mbarara high way are much privileged to cross the Kazinga Chanel at Katunguru bridge.

The two water bodies are surrounded by queen Elizabeth national park and other game reserves right away from Rwenshama to Masyoro where the district boarders with Kamwenge district.

The Kasese people are always proud to say that fish from Lake George is the most delicious and health compared to other lakes.
Katwe salt lake, the district further is blessed with the most liked salt from Lake Katwe salt lake found in Katwe Kabatooro town council.

The other beauty is realized in Katwe Kabatooro town council where Lake Munyanyange is a sanctuary of the famous Nyange birds and more over 1000 bird species.

The tribe and identity of Kasese people, Kasese is a multi lingual district with over six indeginous tribes of Bakonzo, Basongora, Banyabindi, Bakingwe, Bagabo, Banyagwaki.

Three more tribes are of the immigrants and these include Bafumbira, Bakiga and Batagwenda.

Each of these tribes has got a cultural leader and ever on loggerheads with the bakonzo a minority tribe that has always claimed superiority over the others.

Conflicting cultural identity, for any one outside Kasese or new in the area will always get to ask to understand the clear identity of the majority ethnic group of kasese that has the only government recognized cultural institution and a cultural leader.

Though the tribe is call “Bakonzo” and culture supposed to be Bakonzo as the area is known is Bukonzo this tribe has gotten over six identities of Bakonzho/ Mukonzho, Bayiira/Muyiira, and Banya Rwenzururu.

For immigrants and visitors have always get it hard on which should be called to these people when the area is Bukonzho and tribe as Bakonzho but with a kingdom called Rwenzururu and only supporters of the Rwenzururu calling self Banyarwenzururu.

However, the Rwenzururu subscribers have always explained that the name of the institution of the cultural institution changed “Obwame Bwa Bakonzo to the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu to make it universal for other ethnic groups in the area to be accommodated.

The cultural institution of the land is Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu while the cultural leader is called Omusinga wa Rwenzururu.

The Rwenzururu palace and its heritage sites are subject to tourism as visitors would like to understand which culture is exercised in there.

Much as the Rwenzururu functionaries claim to be the giant and accommodative to the minority ethnic groups a bigger section of the indigenous Bakonzho do not pay allegiance to her saying that they have never had of any piece of land in Uganda, a tribe or a single clan known as Rwenzururu and that calling themselves Rweznururu people and exercising Rwenzururu culture is an insult to the ancestors.

Despite of the section of Bakonzho threatening to install a parallel king and cultural institution under the identity of Obwami Bwa Bakonzho other ethnic groups have also refused what they termed as colonization by the Rwenzururu and instituitited own cultural leaders.

The Basongora and Banyabindi have gotten own cultural institutions and leaders and claims to accommodate everyone that doesn’t subscribe to Rwenzururu.

All these add value and spice to the tourism sector in the area as any visitor would want to know how one and single district can accommodate four cultural institutions and Kings.