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Seventh heaven at the heart of Africa

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Of all the countries in Africa, Uganda is beyond doubt gifted by nature. Favored with regions of impressive distinctions, the country is every explorer’s dream. From the out-of-this world scenery and abundance of wildlife, to the warm welcome that is characteristically Ugandan, it is obvious to see why this has grown to be a sightseer destination of increasing popularity.

There is something impressive for all and sundry to see in Uganda. Be it the seasoned and perceptive tourist or the thrill seeking traveler, there is adventure and discovery waiting across the length and breadth of a nature’s paradise that was appropriately named “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill.

Within Uganda’s 240,000 square kilometers (sq.kms) is a splendid landscape. Sanctified with gently sloping hills and soaring mountains, flourishing vegetations and captivating forests, life giving rivers (The longest river in the world embarks on its 6.695km journey to the Mediterranean from here) and mighty lakes (Uganda is the home of Lake Victoria), Uganda is a resource-rich treasure lying at the heart of Africa.

The ambiance is moderate, with temperature averaging between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade. Submersed in sunshine the whole year round, Uganda’s rich soil and seasonal rainfall render her a fertile green paradise that yields rich harvests every year.