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Shine on your wedding day

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

He has at last proposed and you will in a little while be getting married. Good for you.

Well girl, buckle up and prepare to travel the nerve-wrecking pre-wedding journey, when friends and family that you had once considered sane, suddenly go off on a lunatic tangent, with emotions riding sky high a you get ready for your special day.

An aged cousin who is forever reminiscing on the subject of things of her day, is appalled by the way today’s bride runs around “doing stuff” until the very last day. She once told me how the bride of her days would be completely with-drawn from the communal eye and into the solitude of her home where, for a month she would be well fed and have her skin adorned with traditional skin treatments.

She would emerge on her special day well rested and glowing, totally oblivious of the hullabaloo that went into organizing her wedding; a far cry from today’s city bride.

Today’s bride spends her day crossing full-of-activity streets and having close encounters with boda-bodas, trying to meet with service providers who are in different parts of the city. She is thoroughly burned by the scorching sun, and she spends her day, inhaling dust and toxic carbon monoxide fumes.

The result of this pre-wedding treatment is a fatigued and dehydrated bride, and to crown it all, an acne attack from the stress and strains of planning her special day.

In the sad fact that the reality of our day does not allow the bride to withdraw from planning affairs, here are some basic rules that can help make the best of a difficult situation.

The age-old golden rule: Water! Drink it all day every day for at least one month before the day. It works wonders.

Cleanse tone and moisturize. This is a basic beauty regime, which most women know about but don’t always follow. This is the one time in your life where you must follow this regime religiously for at least a month.

Massage: Treat yourself to a series of good professional massages from a qualified masseur. This will help to relax you and ease the tension and anxiety.

Begin to use a good facial and body scrub and add olive oil and glycerin to your favorite body cream.

Try out your wedding makeup and hairstyle before the day. Don’t be too adventurous. We need to be able to recognize you on your special day! Just enhance the natural you.