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Sparkle with your jewels

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Since jewellery says a lot about your social status and style, it is advisable that you choose and wear it right. Here are a few pointers.

Never wear a necklace when wearing a halter neck outfit. It does not work, at all.

Avoid wearing elaborate necklaces when the outfit’s neckline is rich with embroidered design.

The beauty of both the necklace and outfit disappear.
Studs are great for simplicity. They are available in different colours around town, so stock up on a variety.

Studs are also fabulous for business presentations because they draw attention away from your body, meaning you will capture the people’s attention better.

Studs do not go out of fashion, so you can wear them over and over again.

It is good to buy sets of jewellery, like a matching necklace, bracelet, earrings and brooch. But if they are large and noticeable, do not wear the whole set at the same time or you will look overdressed.

Chunky is good, but wearing two or three necklaces at a go is an overkill. And, it makes one look cheap.
Do you have a long neck? Invest in chokers as they will help you show off the beauty of your neck.

Wear an elaborate necklace when you have a simple and plain outfit on. It will liven up your look.

Buy jewellery that matches your existing wardrobe. Instead of buying an outfit to match your existing jewellery set.
If your sets of jewellery are small and discreet, wear more pieces of the collection for a look that is classic and stylish.

Sets of jewellery can also be mixed and matched to create a harmonious blend in your presence.
When wearing a pendant, it matters how low it falls. Make sure the pendant does not go below the neckline of the blouse.

If you want to wear a large and colourful necklace, choose colours that make you look radiant because you will be wearing it close to your face.

Those loud and elaborate necklaces can be worn with clothes that leave the back and most of your chest bare.
Jingly bracelets are great for social gatherings, but inappropriate for the workplace and business meetings.
When going to work, wear discreet and understated bangles or chains.

Get the right size of bracelet so that it does not slip over your fingers.

When wearing large earrings, make sure they do not over-shadow your face. Jewellery must complement, not kill your looks.

When choosing jewellery, ask yourself what it will do to your outfit. Should the jewellery be a center-piece (get noticed), underrated or is it intended to compliment?
Pearls are timeless. Every elegant woman should have a collection.

Do not settle for cheap imitations. Buy the real thing. Spare some cash and get real gold, or silver. Quality gives you an aura of great style.

If you cannot afford real gold, buy items that have at least a 10-year guarantee. Such jewellery does not easily fade.
Mind where you keep your jewels. Get a beautiful jewellery box with exquisite detail.

Want to wear anklets? Keep them for your casual wardrobe. They have no place in the business world.

Earrings are lovely accessories, but do not fill the entire ear lobe with these. You may end up looking horrendous.
If you are wearing an outfit with busy prints, keep your look simple by wearing basic jewellery.

Do not wear dress rings on all your fingers otherwise, you will be an eye-sore to all everyone. Team a dress ring with a bracelet and matching necklace for a chic party look.
Danglers are great especially for parties.

Wear a long strand of pearls and tie them in a knot. Team the necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings.