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The Ugandan Rolex!

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

It is one of Uganda’s best food delicacies. It is simple to make, cheap yet satisfying. It is a combination of fried eggs and vegetables (raw or cooked like cabbages, tomatoes, onions) rolled or wrapped within a chapatti hence highly nutritious with proteins and fiber.

It is said that the origin of chapatti making in Uganda started in Busoga region and later spread on to different parts of Uganda. Chapatti making then became creative having it made in Kikomado stye (chapatti with beans), African pizza (Chapatti fried with eggs then chopped to pieces) and then the famous Ugandan rolex.

A rolex is definitely favorable to anyone that is on budget (like campusers), doesn’t have time to cook and is on the go and tourists trying out something new.

How you want your Rolex prepared is totally up to you in terms of quantity or size. You could have one called a titanic which involves two or more chapattis rolled together with one or two fried eggs.

Recently a Rolex festival was carried out here in Kampala on August 19th 2018 and the turn up was huge. This annual festival was launched in 2016 by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the Ugandan Rolex. The Ugandan Rolex was one time ranked as the fastest growing new African fast food (takes only 5 mintues or less to be made) by International News Media like CNN, BBC and CGTN.
Conclusion, a rolex is not worn but eaten in Uganda. Enjoy!