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When trying to get the right look, here are things to avoid

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Peeping bra straps crash your look. Some women are so busy that they don’t replenish their underwear. It is pathetic for you to wear a bra that has long lost its elasticity.
When going for low cut outfits, make sure your breasts are not spilling over. If half of the breast is overflowing, look for something that fits, otherwise, you risk stepping out topless.

Trousers that are so tight that they curve out your precious parts in a triangular shape for the world to see don’t favor your look at all. Leave a little bit of mystery to your dress with the way you dress.

You will be shocked at what people wear underneath their clothes. A panty with holes has no place in your wardrobe or on your body. Wear clean and neat underwear.

When choosing a handbag, do not opt for very small ones if you are a plus size lady. You risk looking like the elephant and it’s tail. Choose a handbag that is proportional to your body size.

Skirts should not fold in layers around your hips. Buy something in an appropriate size that drapes properly against your hips and step out in style.

Wear blouses that fit. Avoid those that gape and show off your undergarments.