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Wrap up in style

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

It’s amazing how a shawl still remains stylish no matter the weather. Be it during the cold, hot or warm season. Shawls or scarves come in different designs, colors as well as materials. There are cashmere shawls which are woolen, soft and airy, Cotton ones which are mixed together with wool, silk and cotton. You can get a pashmina shawl depending on the occasion or weather.

For a sun-drenched day, silk, satin and cotton scarves are a perfect selection. For drizzly or chilly days like has been the case lately, a cotton, hand loom cashmere pashmina shawl will come in handy. When draped over your shoulders, upper body and around your neck, it makes you feel warm. A collar shoulder wrap or full shoulder wrap will do therefore. This style will keep your arms and shoulders warm.

Shawls can be worn on diverse styles. A European knot, neck wrap shawl and front knot can be worn to office or any other official occasion. A collar shoulder wrap and neck wrap can be worn on any occasion (office, party, or casual outing). More so, a simple wrap (over the neck) front accent drape and carried are perfect for a party or any other ceremony.

You can also get away with your shawl over a glamorous dress without ruining your attire on a cold day. In this case, you can have your shawl in the neck-wrap style where you wrap the shawl around your neck. It can also be worn over your shoulders or one shoulder only.

Alternatively, have a front assent drop which is covering your chest and letting the shawl ends drop on your back. You can also have it in the front knot style where you wrap the shawl around your neck and have it knotted at the front.

Nonetheless it is vital to choose colors that blend with your outfit and compliment it because a shawl is also an accessory.
Shawls can be found in most shopping arcades like Avemar Shopping Centre, Maria’s Galleria and Sunset Arcade. Prices range from shs15, 000 to shs45, 000. Then again, you can buy material and have a shawl tailor made to suit you and your outfits.