At Serenada Eco Resort, Natures Gift to you

Serenada Eco Resort

It sits on the edge of a peaceful jungle at the shores of Lake Victoria, near Kampala. To be more precise, it is found in Mukono District, Mpatta Sub-county, Butere. It is a well-conserved ecological getaway that is perfect for honeymoon or family holidays.

Apart from a lake waterfront, Serenada is also comprised of two tropical forests, four flowery gardens, a jungle of papyrus and a beach. The buildings here are nothing short of Eco-friendly. They are built of materials that are dearer to the Eco-system such as softwood, bamboo reeds, smooth murram, and thatched with grass.

This naturally attracts lots of birds with soothing calls that are as sweet to the ears as serenade music. For a more fulfilling experience, you could head out for a guided bird-watching excursion around the lake and its shores. You stand high chances of seeing the 220 species to which Serenada is paradise.

In no exaggeration, Serenada is the kind of getaway you would want to stay in forever.


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