Best Places to See Gorillas & Chimpanzees

Mountain Gorillas in the Volcanoes

Uganda and Rwanda are the top destinations for mountain gorilla tracking and chimpanzee watching in Africa. Many tour operators and travel experts in Uganda or Rwanda offer tailor made tours in both countries.

There are a multitude of gorilla tracking tours but also design a mix of tour itinerary cutting across multiple interesting attractions in across both countries. Common safari trips take you to most visited parks including Bwindi forest, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mgahinga National park, Kibale forest, Volcanoes national park and Nyungwe forest national park .The above parks offer excellent primate safari viewing platform leaving every traveler satisfied and happy.

However, tourists to the Rwandan Volcanoes and Mgahinga National Park get a chance to track the rare golden monkeys, spotted hyena, buffaloes, elephants and more not forgetting the different bird species. Today the wealth of tour adventures in both Uganda and Rwanda attract many tourists daily ready to discover the ultimate attractions of the region. All trips short or long create captivating memories that encourage more travel and demand for all tourist attractions and everything within the hospitality industry. As it’s known that tourists to Uganda and Rwanda come to trek chimps, gorillas and view wildlife. Though those interested in culture and history visit different cultural villages,projects and genocide sites that take a keen look into the country’s history.

Believe me or not Uganda and Rwanda safaris stay in memory forever and many travelers across the world have just started to know how amazing and great the two countries are. All tour packages are available year round and are customized to your specific needs. Also tour prices are very affordable and pocket friendly adjusted to individual budgets. Don’t hold your dream trip because you feel the money you have is too small for it at least there is something for everyone. Those on tight budgets can go in for short trips and still fulfill their travel dreams.

All you need to do is talking to your expert and clarifying your interest. The Backpacking option has always been the best for tight budget travelers and many tourists testify with inspiring return trip memories. Tour operators have first-hand knowledge and experience with all the destinations featured in different tour packages on their company websites. There are a many great tour operators in budget, midrange and luxury tour arrangements and turn every travel dream into memories.

All private, budget and group tours are organized depending on seasons and demand. Each holiday becomes complete when tourists confirm bookings and demand remains steep. Trip confirmations are made with a 50% total trip cost deposit and a confirmation of the tourist’s air ticket for scheduled particular dates of travel.

  • Sometimes tour agents request for passport details of travelers in order to verify the client’s true identity. It’s a common scenario to those on gorilla tracking tours either in Uganda or Rwanda.
  • Payment methods of trips are by credit card, master card, and debit card though some prefer using bank wire transfer system. However, even cash payments are allowed for travelers ready and able to visit their trip planner’s office.
  • Online website payment system has also made travel in East Africa easy because travelers just make payments any time from any corner of the world and later notify their trip planner.

But remember there are many scams online so first make good research about a particular trip planer before sending them money or any personal information. It’s time to plan ahead for next year’s great gorilla tracking tours in either Uganda or Rwanda.


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