Explore Uganda with a Self-drive Car

Self Drive in Uganda

Have you ever thought of coming to the Pearl of Africa? If yes its very better to explore Uganda on self drive. Uganda is known as one of the best safari destination in the world due to its tourist attraction some of which are not seen elsewhere in the world. Whenever Uganda is mentioned, many people’s mind rush to the endangered mountain gorillas. It is true Uganda is blessed among the three countries in the world to host these endangered mountain gorillas. Other two destinations where mountain gorillas can be found are Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However Uganda is known as the leading gorilla safari destination as it hosts almost a half of the giant mountain gorillas. Over 480 mountain gorillas live in Uganda shared by Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Although many travelers prefer tracking in Bwindi Forest since Mgahinga gorillas tend to migrate to the neighboring countries that’s Rwanda and the DRC in search for new adventure.

Driving to this park is just about 501 km (8-9 hrs.), but with yourself drive car this is very easy as you won’t feel a long drive, you will be in position to stop at any interesting place like at the equator crossing for snacks and photography, you can as well stop at Mpambire a local drum making place and other locally made items, if interested you can buy yourself the locally made items, after here, you can make another stopover at Mbarara for lunch either at Agip Motel or in any of your choice restaurant ,from here drive with good views and interesting landscape and rolling green hills up to the park overnight stay at your choice accommodation.

In the next day you catch up with the most gorilla safaris adventure in the rain tropical forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park, the one hour you are allowed with these rarely seen giants is a magical experience as you will enjoy watching them doing their daily activities as well as taking photos. This is just a few on what you can enjoy on a Uganda safari with your car hire from Uganda self-drive.

From Bwindi impenetrable national park you can easily cross to Queen Elizabeth National Park just about 3-4 hours passing through the Ishasha side a famous place for the rare tree climbing lions, you will enjoy watching them sited on frig trees or tree blanches and also upon your arrival at the park game drive is superb as you will be in position to watch games like buffaloes, elephant, various species of antelopes, warthogs among others , other activities at the park include launch trip and chimpanzee tracking. From here depending on your safari, connecting to Kibale forest national park is a walkover, Kibale is a gifted park with over 13 species of primates couple with chimpanzee the most close relative of man, other primate species you will enjoy to see include the black and white colobus monkey, baboons, civet monkey just to mention but a few. Other activities to enjoy at kibale include nature walk, birding, among others.

Other interesting places to explore on a Uganda safari with a self-drive car include;

Murchison falls national park in the north eastern side of Uganda, here you will go for a game drive to see games like giraffe, buffaloes, elephant, antelope species, among others, launch cruise along the Nile river is also superb, enjoy the top of the falls which is a fantastic view among others activities you will be interested in like chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest.

Why don’t you also explore the un touched unique features in Kidepo national park, its located in the remote northern part of Uganda but with the courtesy of our good and comfortable cars you can still reach this part of Uganda with a lot easy., at here you will go for cultural encounter with the local people, it’s really a very interesting activity leaning more about the life style of the African people also game drives is fantastic, going to kidepo you are recommended to use a 4WD since the park is located far way in the northern part of Uganda.

White water rafting is another adventurous activity you won’t love to miss when on a self-drive safari to Uganda it’s one of its kind go Jinja in the eastern side of Uganda’s about 4 hours from Kampala Uganda’s capital and its largest city. Rush and book with us through info@ugandaselfdrive.com.


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