Fort Portal is not just a beautiful name – it’s a top international brand


Fort Portal is not just a beautiful name; it’s a top international brand,

My heart gets perfect vibrations of fondness when the feeling that I was born in one of the most beautiful and serene places on earth – Fort Portal; the budding tourism capital of Uganda is received sensually by my phenomenal intellect.

Fort Portal located 320km from Kampala mid west of Uganda is an adorable metropolis, popular among tourists traveling from across the globe because of its situation in the center of Uganda’s most naturally gifted region engulfed in multitudes of attractions dotted by the most notable Rwenzori mountains seasoned by the world’s primate capital in Kibale Forest and National Park, over 50crater lakes, thousands of rich green hills, rivers, abundant species of flora and fauna and most of all her beautiful, pacific and hospitable people.

In addition, Fort Portal is enveloped by breathtaking nature averaging an hour away from neighbouring districts; Kasese the abode of the medley of wonders – Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lakes George and Edward, Tooro Semiliki National Park, Lake Albert and the Great Rift Valley in Ntoroko and Sempaya Hot springs and Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Bundibugyo.

Fort Portal, the pillar of Empaako – one of the world’s most unique cultural traditions and the seat of the Youngest Reigning Monarch, the King of Tooro Kingdom Omukama Dr. Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV unlike other towns in Uganda has an English name moreover attracts scores of travelers from different parts of the world, especially from the UK where Sir Gerald Portal from whom the town was named came from. Many people wonder what extraordinaire the town possesses by its name only to be launched into absolute wonder on getting there.

Twine Crate Lakes

Fort Portal rose to the summit of Uganda back in age during colonial times when Uganda was a protectorate of the British. Due to her weather which is not so different from Europe; its locale and the amazing natural environment, the British turned Fort Portal into their sitting room from where plans for Uganda were drawn. This is the process shoved them to protect the haven from external aggression by building a military base also known as a Fort at Booma Hill where the current Tooro Golf Club sits hence the name Fort Portal.

In the early 2000s, Fort Portal set for a rapid rise further into a modern urban centre becoming one of the cleanest in East Africa with hardly a glimpse of polythene paper and rubbish common with other towns and cities in the region, a feat it has maintained over the years

Fort Portal has consistently grown from a British Fort to a popular international destination for nature lovers to a top social and economic brand influencing numerous travelers and businessmen and women. Due to her popularity all over the world and her strategic location, it has influenced businessmen and women to set up a top class hotel and lodging facilities like Kyaninga Lodge, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Nyaika Hotel, Fort Motel, Crater Safari Lodge, Lodge Bellavista, and Primate Lodge among others and sites that currently attract honeymooners, holidaymakers, backpackers, researchers and nature lovers alike. Some business people have gone on to name their businesses prefixed with the word Fort Portal like Fort Motel, Fort Portal International Nursing School, Fort Portal SSS, Fort View Hotel, Fort Pharmacy, and so many others

Fort Portal as a high-flying brand has overshadowed her mother district Kabarole; it is a stunning fact that most people including media reporters think apparently Fort Portal is a district. Some people traveling to any destination from Kyegegwa to Kasese will say they are traveling to Fort Portal; such is the power garnered by Fort Portal.

The entertainment industry has not been spared either, lots of popular songs have been recorded full of praise like the hit Beautiful Land by Joseph Israel. The movie Wrong Incite was produced promoting the beauty and tourism investment potential of Fort Portal featuring the LCV Kabarole District Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga and Member of Parliament Fort Portal Hon. Alex Ruhunda in the movie cast.

Fort Portal is destined for further greatness now raving with the ultimate enthronement of Uganda’s Tourism City that will be the home and hub of hospitality, holidays, vacations, entertainment, conventions, and great excursions among others.
“If you have not been to Fort Portal, you have not lived”

“Fort Portal is not just a beautiful name; it’s a top international brand, a top destination”
By Nelon Gerrard


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