Rafting the White Nile with Nalubale

Nalubaale Rafting

Since the start of the 21st century, River Nile has been repeatedly ranked by Travel Media and Travel Advisories among Africa’s seven wonders. This ranking is mostly in awe of it being the world’s longest river and also an outstanding hub of water adventure, especially white water rafting. And nowhere else does rafting come alive like Jinja, a destination where Nalubaale a British-run company has risen through the ranks and emerged as the friendliest rafting company since its start in 2005.

Friendly in this case cuts across all fronts from the reception by its staff to the rates they offer.

However, their biggest claim to fame is a solid reputation for paying extremely to the safety of its clients when rafting the thunderous rapids of the Nile. Considering they haven’t had any disasters since their first day into the river, you would expect their crew to be laid back when taking you for a roller coaster ride. But they leave nothing to chance. Apart from using standard rafting gear, their emergency crew is always on standby to dive in to the rescue of an adventurer who gets overwhelmed with an adrenaline rush. This enables one to feel at ease during the four-hour excursion, allowing them to take in the beauty of the Nile and its pristine vegetation.

While at it, they stand high chances of catching sight of bird species that prey on aquatic species. Such include Kingfishers, fish eagles that usually perch on the edge of tree chances that are anchored onto the small islands along the river.

In between these Islands lie calm stretches of the Nile where one can take a dip or swim under the warming rays of the African Sun. By the time they come out, they will be washed of all their stress. Better still, they will be hydrated with an energizing positive energy needed in beating the crap out of the rapids when the time for confronting them comes. In total, they are about 11 main ones, each with its own kind of challenge that helps in self-discovery.


When it is all over, adventurers retire to a peaceful night at Nalubale’s camp which is found few kilometers upstream. Here they will find plenty of travelers from different corners of the world, most of whom had either come for honeymoon at the camps scenic lodges or rafting excursion.

For much of your stay, you will be treated to enchanting Ugandan foods that don’t disappoint the palate. However, if sampling exotic dishes is your idea of a good meal, the chef is always more than happy to oblige to treat you to dishes that tickle the gut.

Travel tip

Tag along with change clothes, it’s guaranteed you get soaking wet by the end of the excursion.

While the raft costs between $125-$195 per non-Ugandan for a full board experience, it costs Ugandans $50-$120. The fee covers for accommodation, a return trip to Kampala, photos on every trip, free breakfast & lunch with vegetarian options

For details, visit www.nalubalerafting.com or call +256 782 638 938 (WhatsApp number)


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