Rent a Car and Go Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

4x4 Uganda Car Rental

Uganda is pearl of Africa with many wonders any one wouldn’t miss to enjoy. Among the many attractions in Uganda, there are those that are rarely seen elsewhere and endangered. This makes Uganda a unique country and gifted by nature.  Attractions in Uganda ranges from wildlife, great mountains, forests, rivers, great lakes, culture, gorges, forests and the great primates.

Primates in Uganda is one of the pulling factors as to why visitors put Uganda on their bucket list for a holiday. Great apes/primates here include Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas. They are residents in national parks of Uganda and reserves. Mountain gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks.  The good news is that any visitor above 15 years old can visit the Mountain gorillas in their natural environment.

There are two main options of doing safari in Uganda, booking all-inclusive safari and rent a car for self-drive or go with driver.  Both options are possible. At 4×4 Rentals Uganda, we have a fleet of cars which are capable and equipped to travel on different roads of Uganda. Some of them include, 4×4 Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser GX, safari land cruiser extended and many more.

Most of our 4×4 Uganda car rentals have pop up roof which can make it easier to view wildlife. For Gorilla tracking, the pop-up roof has no importance since the activity is done on foot. But if the Itinerary includes other wildlife parks, it is very important for clear viewing and taking good photos.

We can book our car rental clients gorilla permits, and other activities subject to availability. The information like passport details, the day of tracking, the park and the region will be asked. Our company is reliable and we handle clients bookings and permits responsibly. The gorilla permits and others information will be given to you while delivering the car.

What to take note when purchasing a gorilla permit

-Uganda has two gorilla parks, when organizing gorilla tracking, you have to choose which park whether Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park. This may depend on the flow of your itinerary, special interest in a certain park and many more.

-Bwindi National Park has 4 regions and when booking you need to specify the region of your interest. Each region has different gorilla families. The regions are Nkuringo, Buhoma, Rushaga, and Ruhija.

-The Gorilla permit has to be allocated on a certain date. You will have to look on the flow of your itinerary and determine the day for gorilla tracking. The gorilla permit will include that date, region and the gorilla park.

-Gorilla permit expires in one day. When you purchase a gorilla, it expires on that same day appearing on the permit, you can track twice using the same gorilla permit, unless you purchase two gorilla permits on different days.

-Gorilla Tracking starts very early in the morning, you need to assemble at the park headquarter for briefing before entering the forest in search for gorillas, you need to carry your purchased gorilla permit for verification at the headquarter.

-Time spent Tracking gorillas is unpredictable; it depends on the movement of the gentle apes. (Though there some gorilla groups which are known to be found near). But after finding them, you will spend 1 hour with them.

-Get equipped with enough drinking water, good hiking shoes, socks, gloves, cape, sunglasses, warm clothes, Jumper, rain jacket and etc. The forests where gorillas are found are quite mountainous, though be prepared to hike in some places, that’s why some exercise is need prior to gorilla tracking.

How to access the gorilla parks

By Road how to access Bwindi

Bwindi National Park is found in south western Uganda, the park has 4 region and each is on a different part of the forest. The park is accessed using many routes there is a common one Kampala Ntungamo, Kihihi town and then Buhoma, there is also Kampala, Kabale, Kanungu and then Buhoma.

Another one is from Kampala Kabale, Ruhija sector, Buhoma Headquarter

Kampala, Kabale, Kisoro Nkuringo sector or Rushaga.

Some other routes depend on the Itinerary, for instance, from Queen Elizabeth National Park, you take Ishasha route, Kihihi and then Buhoma.

We encourage our clients to download Uganda map of their phone and locate all the places and destinations easily. All the above, 4×4 car is recommended.

How to Locate Mgahinga National Park

By Road

Drive from Kampala to Kisoro. Kisoro town is just near Mgahinga National Park. 4×4 car is recommended.

The Best Time to visit Gorilla parks

You can visit and track mountain gorillas any time of the year but the best time is in dry season, that’s also called peak season here in Uganda. The reason why most people prefer to visit in dry season is during this time the roads and trails are not so muddy, the weather is also moderate. Dry season months include, June, July, August, September, October, January and February.

Where to sleep when you go for gorilla tracking

There are many lodges and camps around Bwindi and Mgahinga’s, they range from Budget, Midrange and Luxury, there it will depend on the client to choose the level of accommodation. We give good advice and information about the lodges for our clients both for self-drive and all-inclusive safari, we can also give options for the visitor to choose. Here below are some of the lodges around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Rushaga Gorilla Lodge.

The lodge offer good services to clients, and besides it is just 10 minutes away from the park headquarter of Rushaga. They have different rooms like luxury cottages, standard rooms, camping space and many more, a visitor is free to choose the kind of room depending on the amenities.

Some of the amenities and services here include, free WIFI, cable TV, Daily Housekeeping, Room service, free parking, Ensuit bathrooms and many more.

Haven Lodge, Buhoma Community.

The lodge is managed by Buhoma Community rest Camp ltd, a community-based organization. Some of the advantages of Haven lodge are the endless views of the forest, it’s near the starting point for gorillas Buhoma region, they have a total of 8 designed twin and double cottages and 1 family room, they offer quality service to clients and its categorized in Midrange class.

The profits from this facility, goes back to the community, by sleeping at haven lodge in Buhoma, you will be contributing to the wellbeing of the community around the park.

Trekkers Terven cottages

This facility is found in Ruhija region of Bwindi, not far from the starting point of gorilla tracking, they offer quality services, like delicious local and international foods, good bathrooms, WIFI, room service and many more. They have family cottages, standard rooms and for honey moon.


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