Safety Guidelines for Driving with Children

Driving with Children

Have you ever imagined about traveling with your children in Uganda? Family trips are amazingly exciting, fun and it parents joy to have their children beside them while on safari in Uganda. Gone are the days when children were never part of a safari, today you and children can share the excitement together with Uganda’s magnificent attractions. While the safaris with children is exciting, there is need to be responsibly careful about having on board as well as take note of other travelers on the road as this entirely contributes to your safety and the rest of the road users.

Most Uganda car rentals come with hand books with driving guidelines for visitors who wish to travel along side their children. But unfortunately most visitors tend to enjoy the set rules and regulations and they end up culprits of road accidents as they poorly managed the children on board. To avoid such incidents, below are some of the guidelines for you to safeguard yourself and children on board.

Position the seats well.

Children under 12 years must travel in rare or back seats in their designated child seats or buckle up seat belts. Make sure that children ranging from two to six years are not next to the door of the vehicle so as to reduce the risk of them opening the doors while you are on high gear. To avoid any negative occurrences while traveling, make sure that all the doors are properly locked with central to prevent children from falling out of the vehicle.

Buckle up

All children who can fit well in the vehicle seats should properly buckle up. Do not drive when they are not on seat belts. The seat belts are of great value as they save lives up to 95% while on road. Buckle up the seat belts to make the children learn from you the adult person in the vehicle. Do not wait them to tell you about buckling up the seat belts.

Deal with loose car gear before setting off

Before setting off, be careful with loose ends of the vehicle especially the hanging roof materials, loosen seat belts or any other damage on the vehicle. If these things are not well assembled can cost lives that is why we advise you to be extra careful.

Inspect the car that you are going to use

Prior hitting the road to Uganda’s remotest areas for your safari, it is wise that you go through the interior and exterior conditions of the car to be used. Most children love playing behind the vehicle or even hide under the vehicle. There are many cases of this kind today but to be on safer side, take your time and cross check the car before setting off.

Avoid texting while driving

Texting and making calls while on high or slow gear is very dangerous for you and your children. These acts can make you go off road which might cost your life and the children. Not only is this behavior dangerous to you but also to the rest of other road users.

In conclusion, if you are planning to travel with children while on a safari in Uganda, make sure that you focus on what is brought on the road and make everything at a normal position. Avoid any kind of distraction that may cost you while on a safari. By doing this, many lives would have been saved not only yours but also for other road users. Enjoy your family trip in Uganda with our luxurious safari cars that can meet the needs of your family safaris.


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