Spice Up Your Verandah

Spice Your Verandah

It may look like just another verandah, but, a covered porch can be much more than the small space in front of your door. Not just the place where you and your visitors leave your shoes. Make it a place to come out on moonlit nights to do an occasional supper.

Make it a comfortable scene of indoor games like ludo, chess, etc. accessorize with a checkered table top that is a table as well as a chess/draughts board.

Accessorize with comfy wicker chairs spruced up with colorful cushions and throws if it is walled in on at least two sides, either by a half wall or full wall.
Potted plants and creepers look exaggerated and alive. Fragrant plants like some herbs (rosemary, lemon grass) improve the ambience. They also can be used for cooking and herbal medicine.

Tall plants and potted trees shade areas that are exposed to too much sun. They also have a peaceful rustling sound when the wind blows through their leaves. Plant climbers on columns and pillars can wind their way upward and give a Mediterranean look to the verandah. Hanging baskets with creeping plants and flowers that fall over on both sides make a dreamy addition.

If there is room enough, include a hammock for relaxing on lazy afternoons or a children’s or adult swing that hangs from the ceiling.

You can also decide to decorate your verandah in a particular theme of décor. For instance, a corner can have a Japanese theme.

Use very short but long tables with square cushions for sitting cross legged. To enhance the theme, one can screen off the area using a wooden or rice paper screen painted with typical oriental art.

Do not let your verandah just sit there. It can be a very exciting experience in ambience and interior décor. Make it a place where you can sit and relax during your free time.


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