The Great Karamoja Museum

Karamoja Museum

If looks are anything to go by, one would be forgiven for omitting a visit to Karamoja museum off their itinerary. There is nothing fancy about this facility which sits at the foot of Mountain Moroto, Singila village in Katikikile Sub County.

Considering its construction was spearheaded by the French Embassy, a party well known for being stylish and impressive, you would expect it to be an architectural Marvel. Instead, it looks like a typical two bedroomed rental house that has been abandoned. What’s more, it has been a really long time since its walls and roof last received a fresh coat of paint. The little that is there is peeling off, giving the building a not very inviting look. However, its inside is the exact opposite. Under its roof are precious archeological findings that no amount of money can buy. These mostly comprise of fossils exhibits that are over 3million years old. Most of these are dag from the mountains in the Karamoja region where they were buried by hot magma as a result of volcanic eruptions. Among the most sought after exhibits here is the teeth of the oldest known fossil monkey known in the world, 19-20million years back. Victoria pithecus macinneni is what it is called, it was roughly the size of a ververt monkey.

Simply put, a guided tour inside this wonderland gives a deep insight into what the world was like before man was born. Its prime purpose is to help expose and preserve the silent Karimojong Culture and heritage. That is why I am more than happy to recommend it.

Entrance fee to it is UGX 10,000. It is open from 8am to 5pm each working day. For details, you can reach its conservator on 0783330644 (Peter Apaja).


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