The Healing Power of Kasese Hot Springs


Kibenge hot springs in the base camp zone of Kyanjoki ward in the central division of Kasese municipality are one of the unique natural and cultural resources that Kasese district and Uganda as a whole is gifted with and proud of.

This hot spring locally known as Ekitagata is said to be having its sources from the invisible banks of Nile waters sources that flows through Semuliki in the mountains of the Rwenzori.

The Kitagata in Kasese attracts over 1000 visitors per week of which some of them are tourists while others are for purposes of bathing in hot water to get healed of different diseases.

The existence of Kibenge hot springs which was invented in 2006 by a herdsman has reduced the number of patients at Kilembe Hospital and the work of traditional healers who claim ceasing powers.

People who have been visiting the Kilembe Mines Hospital for pains like the head ache, backache, paining legs, the barren and those who have been going to traditional healers after long illnesses resorted to this healing water of the hot spring and confess having been healed completely.

When this reporter visited this hot spring a number of people confirmed having been healed of disease that failed both health experts and traditional healers.

The uniqueness at this hot spring is that the water rejects the drunkards from access and also detects any sort of fornication i.e. anything related to sex.

The spirits in this water will attack and warn anybody attempting to have sex near the source and if drunk the water will turn to be cold or you develop fever before jumping into the bathing basin.

It has also showcased its uniqueness by rejecting any person claiming to own it for those who attempt to collect money from the visitors and if any attempt strange voices are heard from deep the waters.

In 2010 the Rwenzururu Kingdom wanted t gazette it as one of its heritage cultural sites and make it modern to be able to collect revenue from their but he water got cold from a months and night only strange voices were heard from there.

Up-to-date maintenance is done by the users on gentlemen agreement to have smooth hygiene around the water source.

How was it discovered? A herdsman who was grazing around the swamps of base camp was organizing a small pond for his cows’ drinking water and after the first cow that tested it became crazy to tell that the water was too hot for cows to drink.

To confirm what the heck that had entered the cow’s mouth pushed is hand into the water and felt it hot and went on announcing to the whole village that there is hot water in the area.

For those who doubted carried tea (amajani) and mixed to make real hot tea and worked out.

Those who had heard of the hot springs in Semuliki in Bundibugyo and Marembo in Bushenyi started using the water to bathe and drink for healing.

People who are hungry after bathing do mix the hot water from the boiling point known as the heart of the hot spring and make tea.

On September 9, 2016 the spring water fans were shocked after witnessing a man that stubbornly Urinated in this water and died instantly as yeaned.

BY Simon Kagame


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