The Ssese Islands, a Place to Go and Relax anytime of the Year

Ssese Islands

Journey to the Kalagala Island
Boarding a ferry at Nakiwongo, Entebbe, enjoying a 3:30 hour’s cruise to the Ssese Islands (made of 84 islands) one of uganda’s islands full of beautiful green environment with fresh air and white sand beaches.
The hours on the ferry seemed shorter as one could be taken away by the nice breezes on the ferry.

Maybe brief about where and what time to board a ferry.
Nakiwongo is about 2km from Kitolo, Entebbe town and fee for the ferry is 10,000 shs (2nd class) and 14,000shs (1st class).  The ferry leaves at exactly 2:00pm so you MUST be there atleast 30minutes before departure.
Oooh incase you want more adventure, you can drive upto Masaka – Bukakata (about 145 – 165Km) and take the 4pm ferry. Though to be in Kalalagala will take you around 40-50minutes.

Staying at the Island
Ssese Island is rapidly growing with a number of mushrooming beautiful resort beaches at very much affordable cost.  Truth be told, Uganda is a leading country with very much hospitable, welcoming and friendly people and this was very much shown at the Island. I was well received and taken to my resort where I was to camp for 2 nights.

The place I did stay in (Mirembe Resort Beach) had beautiful natural surroundings that were full of sounds of different species that made sweet melodies all night.
After refreshing myself I immediately embarked on my personal favorite meal that is Matooke, a WHOLE BIG FISH that was served with salads. I could not resist taking it with a cold beer (just one by the way!!). This gave me a feel of relaxation, stress free, away from my computer, phones and ofcourse the noise in the city.

Nature or Forest walks
My next day was more adventurous, fun and a lot to learn from. I did request the people at the resort to help me get someone who could show me around the island. And guess what ………… after a few minutes I was introduced to a very knowledgeable tour guide TOMSON.

We started our journey from the Fishing village then headed for the forest. It’s a very beautiful think green forest with a variety of different tree species, lots birds of different species (African Fish Eagle), small insects…….. oooh yes the red aunties couldn’t miss the party (ofcourse a few managed to bite me) but  I could care less …………. I was enjoying.

The seasonal streams that are only created usually after rainy season could not stop to amaze me. The forest we did move in occupies around 3 square miles ofcourse with few patches of squatters mainly palm tree and small scale farmers.

My nature walk did end in the uphill side where the kalagala town is located. It is still very much quiet town with bodabodas (motorcyclists) being the mojor transport within the island. I moved around for about 4hours, it was worth it. You can imagine I did not even cover quarter of the island. Tomson told me I could only do that if we actually included driving around. So just imagine what you can do if you had a car!

Sunday morning was time to pack my bags and head back home on an 8:00am cruise. It was worth it and tell you what I have come back home as very changed and much focused person. As a Ugandan, am so glad I did that tour.
So any day you very like getting out town and you are looking for a place to go to, The Ssese Islands will be a good choice.

Oooh do not forget to bring me a BIG FISH on your way back to Kampala……… hahahahahha!


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