The Uganda’s Best Girlfriend Getaways

Best Girlfriend Getway

Planning a week or just a weekend with the girls? Gratefully this is something that is happening more and more and because of these trips we girls, women and ladies come back refreshed and ready to tackle anything our men, children and jobs can throw at us.

Basically I think it’s nearly as effective as a week at a spa or months at the shrink’s office. For my money, you can’t find a more perfect location than the Pearl of Africa for a gal’s getaway. People who have visited Uganda, some have liked it a lot and 99% of them have really LOVED it as in love, adore, cherish and don’t want to leave.

Why Go for a Weekend Adventure?

Uganda is all about beauty. There are lots of adventure activities that you can enjoy while in Uganda. Among the top activities done on a Uganda safari is the jinja Nile water rafting , zip lining in Mabira forest, gorilla trekking, nature walks,  hiking, Bungee jumping, game viewing , launch cruise, birding and relaxation at the beach, here are a few tips to make your planning that much easier.

First of all, don’t try to do everything on its own but combine a dose of safari activities as long as they are found in the same direction of the road like gorilla tracking and nature walks, launch cruise & zip Lining  with a lot of relaxation in the wild waters of River Nile.

Booking a massage at the lodge after tracking can be an absolute gift as my friends and I found out several months back during the weekend gorilla safari in Uganda.

A very businesslike woman was our miscue. It might have been when we were all sitting around drinking a glass of wine waiting for our dinner, in our with a bunch of other ladies when the giggles started.

Whats Special about Weekend Adventures

Bonding the Relationship, When girls go for adventure on weekends as a way of escaping the noise in Kampala , it creates more time for them to discuss more information and ideas concerning their future plans and plan their next destination for weekend adventure.

Later we drowned our embarrassment with some wonderful dinner. It’s these kind of out of the ordinary experiences that can make a trip to Uganda with the girls so special.


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