Why a Self Drive Safari in Uganda is the Best Option

Self Drive in Uganda

Self drive Car rental services are increasingly becoming a popular way of life in East Africa and in Uganda self guided safaris are the most affordable trips option if one is looking to explore what this East African country embraces for travelers who can easily traverse the country privately with a rental car! Self drive safari gives a visitor(s) an opportunity to explore and discover Uganda at their own pace and time unlike guided safaris. With wide range rental car options especially 4×4 vehicles and relatively good infrastructural network in Uganda, travelers are in better position to realize their self drive African safari dreams in the pearl of Africa with ease.

Many local car rental agencies in Uganda are very competent, pay attention to details and give value for your money. You can as well use them to book your gorilla trekking permit in advance so that you don’t missout on your preferred trekking date. In short rental agencies will ensure you have quality service that suits your safari interest and needs.

Below are the core reasons why you should choose self drive safari in Uganda over guided safaris?

Freedom to explore anywhere in the Country

Described as “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill in his book ‘My African journey’ published in 1908, Uganda is among the most beautiful countries in the world. with variety of water bodies (Lakes and Rivers), high mountains, thick tropical rain forests, beautiful savannah grasslands all these support wildlife existence, hence there is quite many amazing tourist attractions that you can visit on your trip to Uganda, from popular national parks to less known game reserves, you have a lot of destination options to choose from for your self guided holiday through the Pearl of Africa.

Designing your own itinerary for your self drive trip will enable you choose which attraction to include or exclude into your own itinerary. Then you be able to explore the chosen places at your own pace and time, hence more interesting than a guided trip that is strictly followed by your tour driver guide.

Array of Vehicle Options

There are variety of car types available for hire in Uganda. Such array range from classic and the luxury SUVs to customized safari Vehicles and vans, therefore lots of options await you. The most common sought cars by travelers on self drive safaris option are the 4wd vehicles mostly 4×4 Land Cruisers, Classic Safari Min Vans, budget Toyota Rav4s, among others. However for those who are interested in group tours, classic 4×4 Omni buses (coaster buses) are available to travelers. Be rest assured that you will travel safely and comfortably to and from your respective preferred destination.

Book your Vehicle Online

It is easy to book your rental vehicle online for your travel in Uganda. There are several car rental companies you will easily find on Google search. Settle with a name that you feel you can trust.

The booking process isn’t complicated at all, actually it’s so easy, fast and convenient. Confirming a reservation is all you need to secure a rental car for your trip.  Online booking solved lots of issues surrounding car booking, like there is no longer need to struggle or line up in long queues to reach the receptionist to make a booking. Travelers can basically place a booking via email or telephone call or even a WhatsApp. The vehicle of your choice will be booked for you on your preferred dates within the shortest time without necessarily you physically traveling to agency offices.

Go with a reputable car rental company

When choosing a rental vehicle for a trip, vehicle reliability is an important aspect to consider. With a growing number different travel platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, trust Pilot, Safari booking and many more positive reviews for past agency’s clients who have used their services are a great yardstick to securing a reliable vehicle that you can use for your upcoming holiday trip.

Choose to book with a car hire company that is recommended at least on one of the above Travel Platforms. Such can give you an idea to help you settle with a reliable car rental agency.

Self drive is by far Inexpensive in Uganda

To rent a car in Uganda can be cheaper than you may think, in fact most of car rental agencies in Uganda are surprisingly more affordable than elsewhere in East and Central Africa and what is interesting is that you can rent in Uganda and traverse the entire East African region as many agencies allow such arrangement.

For one to explore Uganda on self drive with ease, you need a strong 4×4 rental vehicle at pocket friendly price. Most rental agencies offer such type of vehicles from as low as US$35 per day for rental safari period in Uganda and there are absolutely no hidden costs.

The idea of 4×4 roof-top tent Land cruisers as a latest travel style is designed for travelers who would like to save on both transportation and accommodation, the rooftop tent rental is available in Uganda and good for a couple traveling for total adventure as you can stay a night in a typical African wild. One can as well choose 4×4 with ordinary camping gear for ground camping hence making your safari super affordable.

Hire on Unlimited Mileage

If you are looking to go on a self drive road trip in Africa, book with car rentals agency offers you a rental on unlimited mileage. Unlimited travel with no hidden costs is all you need for a great expedition, this means travelers can drive and explore the Uganda without any restrictions

It is of a great importance to rent a vehicle on unlimited mileage, as this will a traveler to enjoy flexibility while on a safari and freedom to explore more places if compared to guided tours.

Comfort at its Best

On top renting you a reliable, Car rental agency will rent you a Vehicle that offer total comfort any traveler would deserves while on self-guided safari in this part of Africa. Most agencies have dedicated team that are available to offer any assistance to clients at any time.

Self drive or self-guided trips are absolute getaways where travelers get many chances to retire the brain and have great moments to interact with Uganda’s amazing nature.

In nutshell, Self drive guided trips in a destination which is yet to be tapped like Uganda are more adventurous as you have opportunity to explore new interesting attractions that yet to be discovered, Uganda has not yet experienced the effects of mass tourism. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace at your own time as well. Similarly the option offers the best close encounters with nature.


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