Why You Need to Stay Away from Alcohol

Ugandan Nightlife

Since for some people there can’t be a celebration without alcohol, it helps to know the dangers and steer clear of trouble or even death.

Dangerous Gin

Throughout the past years, alcohol has claimed more lives in Uganda than it has anywhere else. Apart from those who developed diseases out of too much alcohol consumption, dangerous local gins killed hundreds of people.

The gins packaged mainly in sachets killed a large number of people in Kampala, Mpigi and Entebbe, prompting the ministry then, to ban local gin packed in sachets. In Gulu, some people went blind after they allegedly consumed the waragi.

So, avoid the temptation to drink anything you are not sure is safe. Who knows some unscrupulous people could have hoarded the dangerous gin only to distribute it to unsuspecting people.

Old habits die hard

Over the weekend, people who quit bad habits tend to relapse. Former alcoholics are at the biggest risk. Whether you are sure you can never touch the bottle again, or not, it helps to completely avoid any situation that could tempt you to taste alcohol again. Face it, some people were just not meant to be alcohol consumers.

If you are the type that can’t handle your liquor, stay away from it.

Drink driving

This is an old song to many ears, but many accidents, including fatalities happen, are a result of driving under the influence of alcohol. At the risk of sounding like a traffic police, the call is to everybody to avoid driving when drunk. If you fail to get a sober person to drive you around, drink from home.


Increased violence levels during the night are usually blamed on alcohol. If you know that one pint works you into a rage, then leave the bottle alone. You don’t want to wake up from your drunken stupor only to realize that you hurt or killed someone.


For those who want to keep a healthy weight, alcohol is not such a good drink to have. According research, alcohol is mainly just a source of empty calories. Meaning it has no nutritive value other than providing energy. People who are overweight actually gain weight more easily when they drink alcohol. And calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the gut. If you want six-pack abs like Golola’s, you will need to cut down on the booze

Those who pride themselves in consuming only non-alcoholic beer, the drink actually has the same calories as alcoholic beer. The calories in alcohol are metabolized first by the body, ahead of burning fat, which is not desirable if one is on a weight loss diet.


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