Witness Uganda’s Urban Nightlife

Urban Nightlife in Uganda

Uganda is one of the liveliest countries on the African continent and Kampala is one of the best cities to enjoy an urban nightlife. This is witnessed by the number of events hosted every year as well as high profile musicians, comedians, and actors who frequent this country.

Uganda’s Night Clubs

Uganda’s nightclubs offer an excellent example of how our fun and exciting Ugandans are. When you visit any of the night clubs in Kampala, you will come to see how Ugandans enjoy life from their amazing dance strokes to fun filled exchanges. When Uganda is referred to as the Pearl of Africa, we do not refer to only its amazing wildlife and natural beauty but also the many faces of fun as much as its culture.

Many Ugandan nightclubs cater for the entire range of musical and stylistic tastes of Ugandans as well as those of our visitors. We have hang out joints that play jazz and salsa, rock music, hip-hop, traditional music and pop music. If you have a special interest, you will find a nightclub catering for it somewhere in Uganda. Top night clubs in Kampala include Guvernor, 90 Degrees, Capital Pub, Timeless, Angenoir, Club Silk, Club Ambience, Club Amnesia and more. Nightclubs in Uganda pride themselves on delivering a tailor-made experience to a discerning clientele.


There are several theatres if you would like to catch up with the latest drama within Uganda. From the local theatrical performances to dances for both local and international visitors, there are several places you can wind and relax in Uganda. Top theatres include Theatre Labonita, Bat Valley Theatre, Royal Theatre, Club Obliggatto for live musical perfomances and more. If You would like cultural and edutainment provided by some of the popular groups in Uganda visit the Kiika or Ndere troupe found in Kampala. There are also several orphanage dance groups spread through out the whole of Uganda that you can visit and help support orphans.

Local Concerts

There are also performances from the local celebrates as they organize numerous entertainment concerts through out the whole country at an affordable price. From as low as UGX3000 you can enjoy a pleasant evening at one of the local concerts organized in several local hotels and performance grounds such as Kyadondo Rugby Club. For those who want to party the whole night Kampala is filled with fast food restaurants open 24/7.


There are lots of bars in Kampala. From the local bars in several areas such as Kabalagala, Lubaga, and Central Kampala to high end bars in the Kololo side, there are plenty of places where you can catch up with other drinkers and sum up your day. In Uganda, there are a few restrictions on alcohol and there are a variety of beers and wines on the market ranging from local brands like the Nile Special, Club Pilsner, Bell Lager to international brands.

Whether your choice is to experience local culture or submerge yourself in an international trend, just come and visit the Pearl of Africa and have the time of your life!!!


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