Car rental Safety Tips for Uganda Visitors

Self Drive in Uganda

Car rental agencies emphasize the safety of its client and this has enabled them to keep in business for this long. Car rental Uganda extends travel services to anyone in need of reaching different destinations such as national parks, upcountry, city tour rounds, hangouts and other personal travel.

A safe car must be in good mechanical condition and should appeal to the car hirer’s taste. Away from car safety, the environment of travelling must also be secure and conducive. Additionally, the clients should take matters of their safety into their hands by being vigilant and exercising precautionary measures.

Below are some of the car rental safety tips:

Follow the road rules and signs

It doesn’t cost anything if you follow the road rules and regulations to avoid any disturbances from the traffic police. These guys keep alongside every corner of the road to ensure that road rules and signs are followed. Failure to do so, penalties will be imposed on you and the car will be impounded. The traffic personnel should not be looked at as real enemies but as humans who can even engage in chit-chat. So if you need help concerning directions, they are ready to help and in case of some issues please cooperate to avoid worsening the situation.

 Don’t drink and drive

One’s mind gets high after taking some bottles of alcohol and this creates some exciting moments but rather paves way for sorrow in the end. Enjoyment is part of life but life also matters so it’s better to drink little and live longer. The worst thing is to drink and drive and the outcomes might be ending other people’s lives and crashing the vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not a misdemeanour in Uganda and it’s proscribed since it causes harm to yourself and other road users. Put in mind that the car will be impounded and you will be taken into custody if caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and please stay far away from it if you are to drive.

Insurance coverage

All our cars are under insurance coverage for example comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance is to cover any kind of damage that happens to the car. But in case the damages are caused by reckless driving, the insurance company doesn’t compensate for the costs. If a minor accident happens to the car, a client has to compensate a certain amount according to the signed company terms and conditions. If a car incurs a minor accident on the way you can call the rental operator and inform them rather than acting fast on your own to clear the mess.

Check out the car’s mechanical condition

The client’s safety is the company’s best priority and we look forward to accomplishing it without failure. The car is checked thoroughly to ensure it’s under proper mechanical condition. It is taken for road testing, refilled air conditioner, car tyres checked, check the fluid and oil levels to ensure that it’s ready to hit the road. The car mechanism customizes its travel and this increases the traveller’s success rate throughout his or her journey. While on the journey the unexpected can occur but this should not frighten you, keep calm to find a solution for the car breakdown then continue with the trip.


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