Why Rent Toyota 4×4 Cars in Uganda


In Uganda car rental business, the Toyota 4×4 cars are the most popular hired vehicles to travelers. On each and every Ugandan car rental company website you may come across, 99% of them display and rent out Toyota 4×4 cars. These kinds of cars have rewarded both the car rental companies and their customers since they never disappoint as they are combative and always do the job for any purpose of travel they are hired for.

The Toyota cars are not only common in the car rental business but also in the country at large for other purposes. The Toyota cars are Japanese manufactured cars and most of them that are brought in Uganda are also used cars but these are always in very good condition. The commonly hired 4×4 cars in Uganda are Toyota rav4s, land cruisers, Toyota Hiace (safari vans), Toyota super customs and Toyota coasters

Below are the detailed reasons as to why Toyota 4×4 cars are the most commonly hired cars in Uganda to travelers:

In essence Toyota 4×4 cars are very cheap to purchase opposed to other kinds of cars like Mercedes, range rovers and jeep. With consideration that Uganda is a developing country with its people not being so much financially empowered so the entrepreneurs are more comfortable to buy the Toyota cars to operate the car rental business other than other brands of cars that may end up eating up all the capital.

In addition to the above, these 4×4 car rentals in Uganda are very cheap to maintain as their spare parts in Uganda are very common and this makes them cheaper than other types of cars so incase of any damage, a traveler can easily buy a cheap spare part and replace immediately and he/she commences with the journey. The repair workshops of these vehicles are also widely spread around the country and a traveler can never get stuck on the way in case of a car breakdown.

Furthermore, these kinds of 4×4 cars are very cheap to drive as their fuel consumption is relatively low compared to other brands of cars. For example a Toyota ra4 consumes a maximum of 1900cc and this makes it among the least vehicle consumers of fuel. In essence due to low rate of fuel consumption the traveler is always in position to spare some money that can be used on other travel expenses than the rental car alone.

The Toyota 4×4 cars are very combative, durable and composed on the ground and this makes them the ideal cars for Ugandan roads that lead to the tourism destinations and other country side areas that are raged, marram and slippery. These cars have a full time four wheel drive that can make them move without any challenge during the rainy season on the marram roads. Due to these vehicle’s combativeness and strength, it is why a land cruiser a Toyota brand is called the grand car for safari tours in Africa.

These 4×4 cars also have ample space in the interior and soft seats which make the travelers have a comfortable experience while driving in Uganda since they can easily stretch their bodies with competition for space. The vehicles also have enough space in the trunk for the travelers’ luggage that is always large.

The vehicles are also safe and secure to travel by due to the way they are manufactured. They have front and hind guards at the exteriors of the cars, air bags in the steering and strong seat belts that can protect the driver and the passengers from severely getting harmed in case of an accident.

The Toyota 4×4 cars are very simple to drive. These have the simplest driving tech as anyone can easily drive them without getting any challenge. Every tool and button is well streamed and can easily be comprehended by any driver.

The Toyota 4×4 cars are very good looking cars both in the interior and on the exterior design and this makes them attractive to travelers. Travelers always want travel in very beautiful and elegant cars that can create a good impression to the onlookers along the road and also the people they tend to meet in their final destination.

These 4×4 cars also have equipment that enhance traveling that is to say they have very good air conditioners that can regulate temperatures in the car. Remember Uganda sometimes gets hot up to 35⁰C so traveling in these 4×4 cars makes heat not much of a problem. They also have drinks and food handles that are used to drink and eat easily without any hardship. In addition, most of these cars that are rented out have pop up roofs which make tourists see wildlife and nature easily in the national parks while on self drive tours.

These Toyota 4×4 cars will always champion the car rental business in Uganda since they are very durable, combative, cheap and also exquisite to ride.


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